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We started off exactly where you are now. We, like most of our customers, did not know how to compose a plan of action and provide Amazon documentation they requested for. One day we woke up and saw that our account was suspended. We had dredged the moment leading up to the suspension, as it never happened before and were not notified about it. We made our own research on how to appeal these decisions and attempted to submit numerous appeals. At the time, we were not knowledgeable on how the process works and failed miserably. Like so many of you, we tried hiring a company to help us with our appeals. Those companies, whom today are our competitors, took all of our information and in return gave us these template forms to fill out, despite the fact they told us they wouldn’t. We ended up paying so much money for templates (these templates are all available online and for free), and still did not understand the reason for our suspension or the process of the appeal. We have tried several companies. we really were under the impression that one of these companies will be able to guide us through the process, and help us out, as we were thought to believe. We were paying for quality service, we ended up receiving inconsiderate, unprofessional service. Unfortunately, some of these companies even claimed they had a money back guarantee. When it came around and we again have failed, we asked for our money back. Instead of giving it back to us, they had forced us to fight for our money back, meaning we spent even more time and money on something useless. We like so many others out there, have wasted our good money, thought to be used to our accounts reinstatement, but in the end, we were fooled and lost it. It was a long, painful journey for us and what kept us going is our persistence. We would like you all to know, that because of our persistence, we eventually were able to get reinstated and with the help of opening up communications back with Amazon we were able to resolve our issues and have our seller’s account reinstated.


This is how we ended up starting our own company. We don’t scam our customers, with made up promises like money back guarantee. We decided to genuinely make it our business to offer legitimate appeals. All of our appeals look different and are stating exactly what the issues are pertaining to your specific case. To us, every case is different, important and requires attention. Our team makes an effort, to go over the reasons for the suspensions with you, making sure that you, the business owner are aware where things might have gone wrong. We are here to assist and guide you through this process. We look to give our customers complete transparency, help fix the problems, give you guidance and assistance, as one is expecting when hiring a company to work on their case.

Here we are in our 3rd year of business of handling your cases. We have the success rate of 97% of our customers accounts reinstated.  We would like to thank every one of our customers, for putting their trust in us, and allowing us to help you. We have hired experts who understand Amazon’s policies, are up to date with their changes so that you as well will be in the know. We’ve dedicated ourselves to this and are proud to call ourselves Amazon appeal experts.

We know what Amazon wants from you and how to help you.  We know how difficult and frustrating it can be. We’ve been through it ourselves. Let us begin today by helping you!

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