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Selling Privileges, Listings Removed / Account Temporarily Deactivated? As a result, you currently may not accept seller-fulfilled orders on This service will help appeal and address violation, and complaints due to such reasons as:

        • Your Order Defect Rate exceeded the target of 1% specified in our Order Defect Policy
        • Order defect rate >1% Late shipment rate >4% Pre-fulfilment cancel rate >2.5% Confirm orders prior to actual shipment of the item
        • As a result of safety complaints, your account has been temporarily deactivated. More than 4% of your recent orders were confirmed after the expected shipment date.
        • Manipulation of Reviews
        • Sold Used As New
        • Late Shipment/non-receipt
        • Order Cancelation Rate
        • Safety Complaints
        • Items did not accurately match the description page (listing)
If you are not sure that this is the service that pertains to your case please email us at -

"Expedited" basically means *Priority | "Standard" basically means *Discount price

Our response time is quicker with Expedited Service than with Standard Service.

  • We handle Priority 1st, then Standard
  • We understand some customer require extra attention, and some with smaller seller accounts need a discount so we offer a discount price from the beginning.

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- Personal consulting for your specific Amazon Sellers Account questions, and how-tos.

After your payment processes, we will email you a couple of questions. 

  • Please give us as much information as possible when you answer the questions.
  • Tell us what you think, what you imagine, what you know, everything that can help us understand your case.

Then we will review it, and compose the Plan Of Action for you. If we need more information or need to ask you additional questions we will reply to you via email.

  • If we have all we need, then after a thorough review of your case we will compose the appeal letter for you.
  • If we need clarification, have additional questions, need more information, we will reply to you via email.

We will email the appeal letter (Plan Of Action) to you, and instruct you on how to submit the appeal. We will help, guide, and work with you through the whole process.

  • We will compose as many letters as you need (until we have exhausted all of our methods), while we aim to have your account reinstated as soon as possible.


Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Call: 1-800-491-9519 OR Email:

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