HOW TO APPEAL; Action Required: Listing Removed from Amazon. (Complaint Type: Expired)

HOW TO APPEAL; Action Required: Listing Removed from Amazon. (Complaint Type: Expired)

*Did Amazon remove your listings (or deactivate your seller account) because of buyer complaints that the item they received from you was close to, or past, its expiration date? —If so, we can help you appeal.

If you’ve received buyer complaints about the quality of your products sold from your Amazon seller account, “Expired,” is just one of the quality complaint types of a policy violation. Buyer complaints can lead to blocked listings (ASIN,) Policy Violations, and it can trigger the deactivation of an Amazon seller account.

WHATS NEXT? —How do you reactivate your listings (or Seller Account)?

To reactivate your listings, you need to prepare a “plan of action” that includes the following information:


    • Typically, Amazon detects key words used from buyer comments, feedback, messages, or reviews which automatically trigger the policy violations, blocked ASINs, or account suspension.

    • To understand these issues and complaints, you should check the buyers voice so that you can resolve and prevent the issues from reoccurring. Additionally, you will need to identify and understand the cause of the complaints to address it properly in your Appeal Letter (Plan Of Action.)

      • Amazon expects and suggests you to “review your communications from buyers to better understand the reason for the customer complaints, and provide an explanation for the issues that led to complaints about your items”.

We communicate and work with our clients to help identify the cause of the complaints as it can be challenging to do. Once you become our client, we can better assist you to provide Amazon with better explanations from the information we can you find from your Amazon seller account.


    • Amazon requires you to explain the steps taken to resolve and prevent similar complaints.

    • Typically, after the first appeal submitted, if the steps were not explained sufficiently Amazon replies asking for “Greater Details.”

      • *Depending on the Seller Performance agent reviewing and responding to your appeal, they may have consideration and provide you with “hints” as to what information is missing or what “additional information” should be submitted.

With our service, we can advise you of steps you need to take and help you explain it accordingly in your appeal letter.
We thoroughly review Amazons communication and notifications to better understand what information they expect from you.

Amazon - Appeal response - asking for GREATER DETAILS in Plan of Action - Hints in Amazons rejection appeal response

*You should always pay close attention to what is stated in the performance notifications, policy violations, or responses to your appeals, as Amazon can include “generic,” but useful information for your to consider when composing the appeal letter.

  • SUBMIT INVOICES; Amazon may request invoices for the products in question.

    • Amazon has strict requirements for an invoice; and has specific definitions to what a proper invoice consists of.
      If your invoice does not contain all the required information, Amazon may not accept it.

      • Invoices must meet the following requirements:

        • Purchase invoice for the product from a trusted manufacturer or distributor Include document date (within 180 days.)

        • Include your name and address.

        • Include name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.

        • Show combined purchase of at least 10 units.

        • *Please note Amazon may verify your document by contacting the manufacturer distributor.

        If you do not have invoices, or do not know how to submit an invoice to Amazon, our team can advise you according to your specific situation.

*If you do not send the requested information and, if you do not take steps to address the issue and continue to receive additional complaints about your listings, Amazon may deactivate your seller account.

We’ve helped hundreds of seller appeal successfully. If you need help understanding your issues, what Amazon is requesting, and how to appeal strategically contact us today.

We do as much as we can to help our clients obtain positive results; and our clients see the difference.

Approved Appeal - Amazon Accepted the Plan of Action - Appeal Letter - Listing Reinstated .psd

Template appeals do not work, we provide tailored appeal letters for each case; APPEAL WITH THE EXPERTS!~

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