Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to write an appeal?

-It all depends on how quickly, organized, and fully you submit all the required information to us (information we request in the emailed Questionnaire, and other information we ask for during the review of your information.) Once it has been submitted, it is then reviewed by our team, and they start working immediately on the appeal.
Depending on the service that you have chosen, you can expect the appeal within 24-48 business hours, from the time you have submitted *all required information*.
-If we do not receive all the required information that we need to compose a compelling appeal, there may be a delay, as we’ll have to follow up to get that information.
-We understand the concern of submitting an appeal as soon as possible. Still, we also know that it’s more important to prepare as best possible for the better aim of getting reinstated with minimum appeals submitted.
-We aim to have the issues resolved as soon as possible; therefore, we make it a priority to communicate with our clients so that we can obtain, and thoroughly review your information possible. Since every case contains its specific details and issues we have to work hard to understand it so that we can explain things better to Amazon. We answer our client’s emails in order to receive them, prioritizing those who have paid extra for expedited service.

Can we guarantee your account’s reinstatement?

When it comes down to suspensions with Amazon, ONLY Amazon has the final say in the matter. We intend to work with you and provide you as many letters as needed to get your account reinstated. We will keep trying all our methods and won’t give up on your case. When you decide to hire us, we both share the same goals. We want to get your account reinstated.
-Can someone else guarantee the reinstatement of your account—?  We can only imagine it would have to be an “inside job,” where someone at Amazon accomplishes this task.
We guarantee that we aim for you to be reinstated as soon as possible. To provide you quality attention and work, most important of all, we do not give up easily. Even when Amazon decides not to reinstate the account, we continue to help appeal with strategic persistence that most of the time result in reinstatement; we guarantee that we do all that we can so that your account will be reinstated.

How long does it take to get reinstated?

It varies depending on each case. While it is certainly possible for a case to take a day, most cases, on average, can take 2-3 weeks. We have even seen instances being reinstated after appealing over six months (YES, that long). It all depends on how quickly Amazon responds to your appeals. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that we take every precaution to prevent complications or delays from happening during this process. On a daily bases, someone is being suspended on Amazon, and each duration for their appeal process differs from case to case.

What is your success rate?

97% of all our customer’s accounts have been reinstated. We are very proud to publicize this number, and that we’ve been given a chance to help our customers out.
There is a reason why we have a 5-star rating with our reviews on google.
We must realize that Amazon states what they are expecting if you have everything that Amazon is expediting, considering everything meets the requirements of it being accepted, for example, an invoice, then we can with high confidence tell you we should be able to get you reinstated. Now, in most cases, or clients do not have everything that Amazon is requesting, and what they do have is probably incomplete or was submitted incorrectly. With our help, advice, guidance, and instructions

Has the Amazon Appeal Letter team ever seen or worked on a case that is like mine?

Chances are we have already dealt with the issue you’re dealing with multiple times. The only difference is your seller account information and the details for the root cause.

Do we offer a money-back guarantee?

We intend to work with you until the moment you are reinstated. Please understand that we don’t simply take your money and send you a limited amount of letters that would lead you to be vulnerably manipulated. That is not our philosophy here at Amazon Appeal Letter. Our team put a lot of time and effort into working with you on your case, do extensive research to help your chances, and work very hard to earn their pay.  We cannot guarantee any results, but we can help you achieve them by using our methods.

What happens if Amazon requests for “more information”?

All of our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE. There have been times where Amazon has requested from our clients greater details/revisions of the letters they have submitted and to provide in additional materials or information. No matter how long or how many times they request, we will always help out and be there for you as if it were our own account.

Can I write my own appeal?

Yes! By all means. However, keep in mind that when you are given a chance to write an appeal, if you contact Amazon by phone or by email, it may be counted as an appeal. We also know that sometimes, Amazon does not clearly state what is needed from you to submit a successful appeal; this is where we step in. We are experts who know how to interpret what Amazon wants from you and how you need to provide it to them.


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