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Amazon Appeal Letter LLC

Performance Suspension: Suspension Service

Performance Suspension: Suspension Service

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This service assists sellers that have had their selling privileges removed due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Your order cancellation rate (CR) exceeded the target 2.5%

  • Your order defect rate (ODR) exceeded the target 1%

  • Your late shipment rate (LSR) exceeded the target 4%

  • Your valid tracking rate (VTR) fell below the target 95%

  • Your on-time delivery rate (OTDR) fell below the target 97% (only applies to seller-fulfilled orders)


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Service Description:

Once we process your payment, you’ll receive a questionnaire that’ll help us gather all the information we need to know about your case. We will instruct you on how to send us the information we need to understand your case in its entirety.

When you complete the questionnaire, we'll assign an agent to your case who will review the information you provided and draft an appeal letter based on your responses. If we have any questions about your case or if we need more information, the assigned agent will follow up with you to make sure they understand everything clearly. 

When the appeal letter is complete, it will be emailed to you along with any documentation Amazon requires you to submit. You will be instructed on how to submit your appeal, and if you have any questions or concerns during the process you can ask your assigned agent or call us to have someone answer right away.

When Amazon responds to the appeal, keep us posted on what they say and we’ll continue your case from there. If Amazon responds asking for more information, the assigned agent will provide as many follow-ups as needed (free of charge) until your account has been reinstated or we’ve exhausted all our methods.